Tom’s Tip of the Week – Week 28

Quickly Zoom In and Zoom Out using your keyboard and mouse

While using a Microsoft Office program, you may need to zoom in to get a closer look, or zoom out to see your work from a birds-eye view. Although using the zoom bar on the lower right corner of any Microsoft Office program is easy, there is an even faster, and more convenient way to zoom in or out.

Microsoft Office zoom bar

If you have a mouse with a roller button (in between the left and right mouse buttons), you are ready to zoom in and out at super-sonic speeds.
Simply hold down the Control Key and then roll that middle knob on your mouse. Let the zooming begin. Instantly you are looking at your document as close up as you need, or just as quickly zoom out to see the big picture.

This amazingly fast zoom trick works exactly the same in most all of Microsoft’s programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, and Internet Explorer (as well as in some non-Microsoft programs).

Control + Roll = Fast Zoom In and Zoom Out

Mouse with Roller


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