FYI: SharePoint Sites and SharePoint Pages

Learn  how Pages make a Sharepoint Site GREAT!

We all love food, so…
Here’s a Cooking analogy:

You’re having friends over for a formal dinner. Not a casual dinner where everyone gathers in the kitchen. No. This time you have told all your guests that they are not allowed in the kitchen for this special night of dining.

In your kitchen, you have all the ingredients to make a fine, wonderful meal for your guests.
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Power BI – Business Intelligence just got Smarter

Power BI


Watch the webinar here:

We just conducted the first Power BI webinar at Learn iT! with a full house of on-line attendees. We all had an awesome session of discovery!

Power BI is a great platform of programs designed to put powerful data analytics in the hands of all of us.

The beauty is you don’t need to be a “big data” person to use the tools of Power BI and see the benefits straight away.

All you need is some data, a little training and you can be producing amazing, stunning visuals in no time.

You will produce visuals that allow for better, timely business decisions based on any type of data you can imagine.

Watch for my next post for a link to our next Learn iT! Power BI webinar!!

If you sign up for our next Power BI Bootcamp (Nov 29) before Nov 4 you will get a 55% discount on the price of admission.

Learn more at Learn iT!

There is a reason it’s called POWER BI.  Come find out for yourself.

Watch the webinar here:

The Keyboard Shortcuts You Need are here

Microsoft Corp Office Web Apps

Microsoft Office Web Apps Keyboard Shortcuts Here are the official links to Microsoft Office Web Apps Accessibility Features, including helpful keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks. Enjoy.

Keyboard shortcuts in Outlook Online

Keyboard shortcuts in Word Online

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel Online

Keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint Online

Keyboard shortcuts in OneNote Online

Learn more about Office 365 and Microsoft Web Apps


Your quest for power. You want it all, and you want it NOW.


Your quest for power. You want it all, and you want it NOW.

For quick access to everything on the Internet:
Place an always-accessible address bar on your Windows 7 Taskbar.

Follow these steps to realize your full-power-potential:

1 Right mouse click on an empty area of your Taskbar


2 Select ‘Properties’

3 Click the ‘Toolbars’ tab and turn on the ‘Address’ option.

Taskbar Properties


Feel the Power of the Internet surging through your fingertips. Wow


Your Cloud with a Silver Lining Has Arrived

Microsoft Office 365: Your Cloud with a Silver Lining and…

It’s Free

After trying different cloud based document services, I have found my favorite online office suite, for now. And the winner is… Microsoft Office 365.

I know it seems counter 2016 to prefer the 500 pound gorilla, Microsoft, over the likes of Zoho Docs, Quip, iCloud or Google Drive. But my digital life is better now that I am using Microsoft Office 365.

With Office 365 I can view, create and edit Microsoft Office documents with my Mac, Windows, iPhone or iPad. I can easily access, edit and create documents from any web browser as well. So when I’m away from my own devices and using another computer, I can log on to Office 365 and have access to all it’s great features, and all my documents.

Google Drive, Apple iCloud, as well as a number of other on-line office suites are just as capable as Microsoft Office 365 offering many of the same great features. So why have I settled on Office 365 as my choice of cloud-based document tools?

Three Huge Reasons to use Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365

First of all Office 365 files are compatible with almost every other computer (including my own) on the planet, making it easy to share my files. Google and Apple have proprietary file formats, forcing me to convert a file to Microsoft Office format just to share it with others. This is time consuming and a pain, to say the least.

Second Office 365 uses the familiar Microsoft Office Ribbon so there is no need to spend time getting familiar with the Office 365 Web Apps as they are similar to the Office applications we have been using for years.

Third the Office 365 cloud features are smooth and rich, giving me access to tools I need every day with a very responsive, elegant interface.

If you use,, or for your email (by the way, all three are free) you also have access to the free Office 365 Web Apps and cloud storage through OneDrive.

Log in to your Outlook, Live or Hotmail account and click the icon next to the logo near the upper left side of the window.

If you don’t have an account, what are you waiting for…

It’s all free at (By the way, I don’t even use the email with this account! I’m here for the free apps!)


Along with the, People and Calendar tiles you will see other new tiles to take you to OneDrive, Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote, Sway, Delve and other great online tools from Microsoft 365.


Word 365 Ribbon

When you go to your OneDrive app you will find in the lower left side of the window a link that reads “Get OneDrive apps”. This link will guide you through the process of downloading and installing software allowing you to effortlessly synchronize your OneDrive storage with your Mac or Windows computer. Simply drag and drop files to your synchronized folder on your desktop and they magically appear on-line in OneDrive.

OneDrive Apps Link

I really tried to like iCloud but the silver lining was not there for me.. I worked hard to enjoy Google Drive but again the silver lining would not easily extend beyond the Google system. I became bored with Zoho and Quip fairly quickly not noticing any silver at all. After trying hard to hate Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive, I have discovered that this cloud does have a nice silver lining, and I’m loving it.

Come Together, Right Now – Over Microsoft Office 365

Learn iT! Blog Post Tom Vorves
Learn iT! Blog Post Tom Vorves

Read my featured blog post on Learn iT! This month I have the honor of writing a blog post for Learn iT!, San Francisco’s leading software training company. Microsoft Office 365 with it’s rich tool set, are making big waves in the world of cloud based collaboration.