Use a SharePoint list to store collaborative data for easy access

SharePoint offers many solutions that address the challenges of collaboration, one of which is Lists. Lists are storage areas for business data associated with a team of collaborators allowing multiple users to contribute, edit and use the data stored in these lists. Examples of business lists stored in SharePoint are

  • Products
  • Contacts
  • Procedures
  • Inventory
  • Links
  • Tasks
  • Calendars
  • Team Members
  • Buildings
  • Equipment

Building a SharePoint list can be done in 3 ways

  1. Use a SharePoint template
  2. Create a custom list
  3. Import a spreadsheet

Instead of storing collaborative data in an Excel file and passing it around for updates, a SharePoint list can be updated simultaneously by many users. This makes the data more relevant, thus making it more useful to everyone involved. These lists can be sorted, filtered, and displayed on wiki pages through web parts.

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