Find files on your computer faster than you can say Benedict Cumberbatch


Wouldn’t it be great if you could find information on your own computer as quickly as you find information on the internet? Read this article and discover the one thing that will make your computer experience faster than ever before.

You can easily find any file or program on your computer by using the built-in index search tool.

Very similar to how Google indexes the internet for quick searches, your computer indexes the hard drive for amazingly fast searches. You will see your search results instantly as you type what you are looking for.

On Windows 7, click the Start button and type your search in the Search Box located at the bottom of the Start Menu.

For you Windows 8 users, simply tap the Windows Key on your keyboard to activate the Start Screen and then start typing your search (no need to click or select, just start typing after you see the Start Screen)

On the Macintosh, click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen, or use the keyboard shortcut ‘Command+Space’, then type your search in the Spotlight field.

What does this super fast search mean for you?

Since most of us use files and programs stored on our computers, these indexed searches can locate our files and programs instantly.

The operating system automatically locates all your files, including programs and stores information about them in a database called an index. When you search your computer for files or programs, you are actually searching a super fast database (the index), not your very slow hard drive.

You can search for a file name, a program name, or the contents of almost any file. Yes, even if you search for words INSIDE of a file, such as a letter, resume or spreadsheet the indexed file will be located for you instantly.

Armed with this search knowledge, you don’t have to be a detective to find a file, or search for a program you want to run. Just type what you are looking for and your files and programs are just one click away.

You can now stop navigating to all your computer stuff and let your computer bring it to you.

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