Tom’s Tip of the Week: Week 26

Short and sweet – The shorter, the better.

long URL
tiny URL
Quickly turn a long URL into a simple, tiny URL
Perhaps you have noticed the address bar at the top of your browser window while you surf the internet. The address bar tells you the URL to the page you are currently looking at. A web address can be far too long to be typed with absolute accuracy. So what do we do when we must recite an address to someone as they type it? This can be very frustrating and will often cause a perfectly nice conversation to turn stressed and angry. It’s not what you want.

The a short answer to this long URL problem is

Step 1:
Copy the long URL:  Select the address in your browser’s address bar then press ‘Control+c’ or ‘Command+c’ on a Mac
Now you have copied the URL to your clipboard.
Step 2:
Once you arrive at click inside the box entitled “Enter a long URL to make tiny:” and then paste by pressing ‘Control+v’ or ‘Command+v’ on a Mac
Step 3:
Click the button ‘Make TinyURL!
Now, that long nasty URL is magically transformed into a manageable short URL that is easily recited to someone as they type it.

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