4 reasons why collaboration software is such a big deal and why you need to start using it now

collaborate with SharePoint
Collaborate with SharePoint

Collaboration software is here to stay. If you have not yet jumped on the collaboration band wagon, you are missing out on some great productivity tools that could help you and your team work better together.

  1. Longevity & moving forward
    Software giants like Microsoft, Adobe, Sales Force are not only selling collaboration software, they are using it as well. Applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are now being used as Web Apps. More applications are available and many more are being developed.
  2. Inexpensive and easy to use
    Using collaboration software allows small and large companies alike, manage projects, communicate with team members and customers from anywhere in the world. People are shifting away from cluttered email and using collaboration software instead for effective communication.
  3. Platform/OS independent
    Collaboration software such as Microsoft SharePoint runs solely though a browser. So if you use Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Windows or Apple OS, iOS or Android, you can use SharePoint with it’s HTML5 compliant webpages.
  4. Content available everywhere all the time
    With solid authentication tools, collaboration software is securely available from anywhere a team member has access to the internet with almost any browser. Access to documents, discussions and lists is as easy as going to a website address.

Getting started with SharePoint or other collaboration software such as Huddle and Podio is easy and inexpensive. Since so many people, companies, corporations are using collaboration tools more and more, you need to get on board and learn these tools too so you can keep up and be part of the brave new world.

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