SharePoint Planning for Beginners

I had the pleasure of helping a couple of future SharePoint administrators learn the ropes of SharePoint Site Collections.

They learned what works and what doesn’t work when designing a SharePoint Site Collection for the four common types of users:

  • Administrations
  • Content Managers
  • Contributors
  • Consumers

We outlined a basic course of action for them to achieve success in this exciting rollout. Although the steps in the following outline can be completed in a different order, we decided this was the best sequence for their situation.

  • Storyboard the Site Collection and Plan for:
    • Structure
    • Permissions
    • Navigation
    • Meta Data
  • Consult with Future Site Owners and Early Users
  • Build the Sites
  • Build the Lists, Libraries, Pages
  • Configure Navigation
    • Look to the Storyboard for Guidance
  • Start Evangelizing the new Site Collection to build Excitement
  • Add initial content to the Sites
    • List items
    • Library documents
    • Page text, graphics, web parts
    • Apply filters to web parts
  • Build the User Groups
  • Stop Permission Inheritance where Required
  • Grant Groups Permission to Sites, Lists, Libraries
  • Continue Evangelizing the new Site Collection
  • Populate Groups with Site Owners and Early Users
  • Train Site Owners and Early Users
  • Check for Content Accuracy and Functionality
  • Make Adjustments where needed
  • Continue Evangelizing the new Site Collection
  • Populate Groups with people: Administrations, Content Managers, Contributors and Consumers
  • Offer Users Training/Learning Sessions and Videos
  • Continue Evangelizing the new Site Collection
  • Document all changes and updates in an easy to access SharePoint site

By following a plan of action and checking progress, a basic SharePoint site collection can be built in a matter of days or even hours. Sure, we all know there are customizations, nuances and other considerations. But for the most part a simple approach to a SharePoint rollout can have long-lasting benefits and will work just as well as a fully customized site collection; maybe even better!

Happy SharePoint to everyone!