About Tom:

With 30+ years of teaching experience, I have the knowledge and ability to break down the complexities of technology, making it simple to understand and learn.

My professional yet casual teaching style make for a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

Is it a goal to update your Microsoft Office skills? Are you interested in learning the latest version of software? Perhaps you need to implement SharePoint company wide. I am able to help you plan and deliver training that will meet your needs.

Small businesses, one-on-one, large corporate events, classroom style training, webinars, whatever your situation, we will work together to create the best training experience specifically for you.


 “As Close to perfect as you will get from a 19 person technical class – Tom you are 1 of a kind”

“Tom is a great instructor. Excellent, would hope to take more classes from Tom.”

“Tom is probably the best instructor I’ve had. Very engaging, presents in a very accessible manner and extremely knowledgeable

“Just want to thank each and everyone of you for attending that FUN and ENGAGING class. Tom undoubtedly has one great sense of humor! I went home so psyched and all pumped up to take our CBS iKnow (aka SharePoint) InfoPath existing forms to the next level and my mind can’t stop thinking on what other reports, spreadsheets we have to link to SharePoint and create query out of InfoPath – cool huh!!! Tom was great in teaching us ‘out of the box‘ cool things not just in InfoPath but SharePoint as well (THANK YOU TOM!!!). Now I know how to attach and where to get ANIMATION picture and insert in InfoPath or SharePoint, don’t be surprise if I get trigger happy and start putting ‘cool’ animation in all my sites”

“I haven’t taken an Excel class in the past 15 years and thought Module 1-4 would be a repeat but was surprised with the new tricks and found it very useful. I work in the finance industry (Barclays Global Investors) and also really enjoyed the modules as a great refresher. It was also great to learn the new tools of Excel. The instructor (Tom) today was superb. He was very calm and patient. Took the time to see if all the students understood the new tools. Always checked in with us. He was also very funny and very realistic (with timing, room temp. etc.). I will definitely recommend this Excel class to my coworkers and look forward to the next ones! Thanks again!”

Very well done. I learned a lot on this new software that I’ll be using to pull new reports”

“Tom was great! This was a great class.”

“Very efficient; kept the class on target; very knowledgeable”

“Takes a GREAT instructor to be able to manage a difficult student in such a great way! Thanks for doing such a great job!!!!!!
The class went very well. One of the participants can be very disruptive and is not thrilled at being asked to use SharePoint. Tom knew exactly how to handle him in a very nice joking way. I was impressed.”

“Awesome with the sarcastic and funny examples and jokes. Really great class. I would love Tom to come back and teach. Made the class very interesting, productive, and fun.”

“Tom was off the chart fantastic. Great job! The anecdotal stories were great and very helpful. Great sense of humor!”

“Great instructor! Really kept things interesting.”


Tom Vorves
Email: tom@tomvorves.com

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