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Shop Talk – Microsoft Excel – with Tom Vorves

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My name is Tom Vorves and I will be your Shop Talk guru on September 3rd

Below you will find:

  1. Topic List
  2. Exercise File(s)
  3. Links to useful Resources

I look forward to seeing all of you in this Excel Shop Talk session.

Bring your brains!!!

Microsoft Excel Shop Talk Topics

  • Tips for managing large spreadsheets
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • On-Screen tools for navigation
  • Organization
    • Viewing
    • Hide and show columns, tables, values
    • Custom views
    • Freeze panes
  • Handy features
    • Scenario Manager
    • Open 2 different spreadsheets
  • Selection
    • Sort and filter data
    • Conditional formatting
  • Math
    • Cell references
    • Useful Formulas
  • Graphing
    • Smart plots
    • Power charts
    • Pivot Tables
    • Pivot Charts

Exercise Files

These downloadable files will be used by Tom during the session. If you would like to have the files for review and reference before and after our session, feel free to download them by simply clicking the supplied links.

File 1 SampleData.xlsx
File 2 SampleCharts.xlsx
File 3 500SampleData.xlsx
File 4 All Files.zip

Resources for you from Tom

Here are some useful resources you might enjoy:

Tom Vorves – Technology Simplified Blog
Tom’s blog is filled with shortcuts and fun facts about technology. Visit Tom’s blog and sign up for his monthly newsletter and receive great tips and tricks about technology and productivity software. You will also have links to Tom’s monthly How-To videos.

What Tom can do for you
Tom has been an instructor for many years, teaching profession people how to use software and the skills required to apply what they have learned in their business world. Tom has the skill and knowledge to make your training day a success from beginning to end.

Along with training, Tom offers consulting on a wide range of subjects including SharePoint implementation strategies. Tom can guide you to a successful SharePoint rollout that benefits your employees and your business.

If you need to automate your Microsoft Office workflow, Tom is prepared to guide you down the path of productivity through automation and collaboration.

Microsoft Excel Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts
This link will take you to Microsoft’s web page which lists all of Excel’s keyboard shortcuts

Excel 2013 Quick Reference Guide for Beginners
This is a short document with basic how-to steps to get started with the most commonly used Excel features

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