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Instructions and tutorials

Some Files For You
Acrobat DC Keyboard Shortcuts
Adcrobat DC Manual (big file)
Adobe Acrobat DC Simple Steps
Sample Form

Adobe Acrobat DC provides the tools needed to create forms for all business purposes. Adobe Cloud also offers the service of distributing and collecting form data for analysis and action. In this session you will learn the specific steps to create then distribute forms through Adobe Cloud Forms Services. After successfully implementing a form, you will then learn to monitor all form activities, including form submissions and data collection.

Key Takeaways:
– Learn how to set up an Adobe Account
– Build a robust data input form
– Publish a form to Adobe Document Cloud
– Monitor and report on collected forms

Functions Covered:
– Create a form from a Microsoft program such as Word and Excel
– Import a form from an existing file
– Add form fields: text, dropdown, check box, and button
– Adobe Document Cloud Dashboard

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