Outlook Signatures… Learn to build your signatures in less than 3 minutes

Personalize your email with not just 1 signature, but as many as you like.

Outlook Signatures… Learn to switch your signatures in less than 3 minutes

So you built all those signature blocks. Well let’s learn to use those bad boys…

Goal Seek using Microsoft Excel

Learn to use Microsoft Excel’s fast Goal Seek to to quickly find a value to reach a numeric goal.
Have you wasted time playing the “Higher/Lower” game in Excel? Let’s say you have a formula that is not producing the answer you’re looking for. So you may try changing another cell’s value until you get what you want from the formula. This can take some time and is always frustrating.

Make the Excel Filter Feature Better than Ever with Subtotals

Do you use filtered lists in Excel? If you have tried to Sum a range while the list is filtered, well you have found that it just doesn’t work.
This video will teach you how to harness the power of a function that replaces the standard Sum, Average and Count functions. The Subtotal function is designed to calculate based only on the visible cells making it the perfect option for filtered lists.

Clean it up.

In 3 minutes I will teach you the best way to clean your data for improved sorting, filtering, better Pivot Tables and data analysis. Watch the video. Share it with others. Improve your life. Make new friends. All in 3 minutes. Enjoy


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